Colour your Heart Out

So you have already noticed the amount of ‘Adult Colouring Books’ everywhere and I agree it is a strange phenomena but also a lot of fun and some great advantages for the card maker.

Stampers already know the concept of stamping an image and adding layers of colours to bring the image to life.  Now with lots of ideas out there in the world of pencils, pens and mountains of books, there is new products just perfect for card making.


I am talking about colouring books that are card sized, printed only on one side and beautifully detailed. Some have sentiments and frames to enhance the image. Some are printed on quality watercolour paper for soft subtle colouring. There are postcards with an image on one side and lines printed on the back for an address and a message.  Hot off the Press have a range of beautiful card size prints ( 10.5 x 15 cm ) so when you have completed your colouring you can add it to a card and send to a special person in your life.

The great thing about these small size books is that they fit easily in your bag for long trips or waiting rooms or the coffee shop if you wish.

The concept that the act of colouring releases stress may be true but there are a lot more advantages for you than that so have fun creating your own personalized art work.

Remember Colouring is Awesome!

Find a selection of colouring books on my website here





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